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     When looking for a good lawyer, sophisticated consumers of legal services should look out for certain qualities in their legal representatives. Among other things, they ought to look at their specific experience, the complexity of their matter and a well-defined approach to their legal problem.

    We at S Skandarajah & Co have the experience necessary to successfully manage our client’s needs.

    Our clients are our references for they realise that we strive to achieve results that exceed expectations through our result – oriented legal team when handling complex and sophisticated matters locally and even internationally. Being Lawyers in Singapore, the satisfaction of the client is indeed a moral victory to us as a law firm. Our job is to listen with an experienced ear, understand the client’s needs and objectives, and then fully advise our clients as to the best approach to their legal matter.

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    • “ Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”
      - Proverbs 3 V 5-6



    Employment Law

    Labour and employment law deals with a broad area of law that also determines how employers must treat their employees. Lawyers play a role on both the labour and management side of labour related disputes. Labour and employment law encompasses a wide variety of issues such as benefits, obligations under the Central Provident Fund [CPF] Board and workplace discrimination. We are able to advise businesses on how to reduce their risk of employment litigation and how to comply with the local laws especially under the Employment Act (Cap 91) which involves every employee with a few exceptions. We also help protect workers and employees when their rights are being violated.

    Immigration Matters

    Our practice generally relates to the attainment of permanent residency and or Singapore citizenship. We are also involved in the temporary or permanent relocation of individuals from one country to Singapore. Immigration spans a wide range of legal issues for example an application for student pass in Singapore may also attract the requirement of a surety. Our work also involves helping clients go through the right steps in obtaining the legal right to study, work or stay in Singapore.