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Our areas of practice are as follows:

  • Criminal Law–A small number of lawyers in Singapore are Criminal lawyers and they generally represent individuals on a wide range of crimes ranging from simple traffic violations like speeding to drug trafficking or even murder. Our criminal lawyers attention to detail especially in criminal trials is crucial in our client’s defense especially when his or her liberty is at stake.
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation–Our firm of civil litigators provide our clients with the protection that they may require. We represent clients in both the Subordinate courts and High Court in Singapore. Disputes may also be resolved at the Primary Dispute Resolution Centre which is a forum for litigants to explore various options with a view to resolving their disputes without going to trial thus resolving the matter within a shorter time.
  • Family Law - Family law lawyers handle a variety of issues including contested divorce, custody, maintenance of wife and children, personal protection, guardianship and adoptions. In additional, our lawyers who are skilled in court related work are also comfortable with mediation and counseling.
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law–Bankruptcy is where the debtor is publicly recognised to be insolvent. A person is declared bankrupt on the order of the High Court if he is unable to pay his debts of at least $10,000.00. Bankruptcy lawyers represent creditors and debtors in bankruptcy cases and other matters involving financially distressed transactions.We are able to for example assess and give an indication as to whether an individual may be eligible for a debt repayment scheme [DRS] for debtors who have debts less than $100,000.00 as opposed to being made a bankrupt.
  • Probate and Administration of Estates – This involves matters that take place after death which involves advising the legal personal representatives as to how to look after the deceased’s property. Again the type of advice to be given will depend on whether the deceased had left a Will or not.
  • Wills - Since the firm’s inception, S Skandarajah & Co has drafted Wills for numerous people. Preparing someone’s Will is the most intimate matter which requires the lawyer to assist the testator to plan the welfare of his beneficiaries and to set him or her at ease in consequence.
  • Deed Poll/Power of Attorney – The firm regularly has people wanting to either change their names or appoint an attorney to act on their behalf especially when they are unable to do so themselves. The firm is able to competently advise and or undertake such work taking into consideration the individual client’s needs.
  • Motor Accident Claims – A motor accident can not only cause property damage but my also cause personal injury. When it comes to such matters, we have the experience to gauge the viability of your matter given the circumstances of your motor insurance claim or personal injury.
  • Workers Compensation claims– A work related injury could be detrimental especially if you are a foreign worker. If you were injured while at work, it is crucial that you contact a good lawyer at the beginning of your work related injury claim. As a result of your work related injury, you could have the right to receive medical treatment and compensation. We are experienced in Work related compensation claims and will be able to help you with your claim.
  • Immigration Matters–Our practice generally relates to the attainment of permanent residency and or Singapore citizenship. We are also involved in the temporary or permanent relocation of individuals from one country to Singapore. Immigration spans a wide range of legal issues for example an application for student pass in Singapore may also attract the requirement of a surety. Our work also involves helping clients go through the right steps in obtaining the legal right to study, work or stay in Singapore.
  • Employment Law - Labour and employment law deals with a broad area of law that also determines how employers must treat their employees. Lawyers play a role on both the labour and management side of labour related disputes. Labour and employment law encompasses a wide variety of issues such as benefits, obligations under the Central Provident Fund [CPF] Board and workplace discrimination. We are able to advise businesses on how to reduce their risk of employment litigation and how to comply with the local laws especially under the Employment Act (Cap 91) which involves every employee with a few exceptions. We also help protect workers and employees when their rights are being violated.