Barristers in Singapore

Barristers in Singapore

Most if not all Barristers in Singapore are individuals who have completed the Bar final Exams conducted by the Bar Council in the United Kingdom. Before becoming a Barrister-at-Law, these individuals must be a member of one of 4 Inns of Court. The Inns of Court provides the necessary educational and social support for barristers and student barristers, including libraries, dining halls and common rooms.

Barristers who practice in England and Wales generally specialize in courtroom advocacy, drafting legal pleadings and giving expert legal opinions. Until quite recently, they were normally hired by Solicitors to represent their client in a legal matter where advocacy in court is required. Barristers in England and Wales usually specialize in particular areas of law for example, matters involving Estate and Trusts (Chancery Law), Criminal Law, Commercial Law, and Common Law matters including family and housing.

On the other hand all Barristers in Singapore practice under a fused profession and are therefore also Advocates and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore. They must possess a Practicing Certificate (“PC”) issued by the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Singapore before they can appear and plead before the Singapore Courts of Justice. As they act as both an Advocate (Barrister) and a Solicitor they may also undertake the usual Solicitor’s work like conveyancing, drafting of Wills or even writing letters in litigation to the client’s opponent, and so on.

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